If warehouse and distribution productivity is not meeting your expectations, BoxWorks can help. BoxWorks’ engineers have extensive experience identifying and solving our customer’s problems. We have developed the ability to listen to you and understand your issues and goals. We have developed tools tailored to assist in analyzing the often confusing array of data required to make informed decisions. We have developed a list of satisfied clients to validate our dedicated approach. Above all, BoxWorks will provide recommendations with a fast ROI and follow through with the skills and resources to implement our ideas with you.

Our range of consulting services include:

  • Quick-Hit Assessments: Recommendations for low- or no-capital improvements to operations and logistics.
  • Implementation: Project Management, technical oversight, training and commissioning of facility and process improvement projects.
  • Technology & Integration: Provide strategic direction and technology services for systems integration from shop floor data collection to equipment control and SCADA development to ERP integration.
  • Slotting: Effectiveness and ROI for a facility or company slotting program. Recommendations for improved slotting methodologies.
  • Warehousing and Distribution: Improve the capacity of existing facilities, optimize the design for a new facility or expansion. Develop planning estimates and perform what-if analysis of multiple operating scenarios. Our solutions have served Fortune 500 companies.
  • Material Handling System Design: Effective design and development of material handling systems and controls for warehouse and distribution operations.