The majority of expense necessary to operate a warehouse or distribution center is captured in the cost of capital and the cost of labor. Get the most from your investments through Optimization.

The science of Optimization can help you get the most from the resources you have – space, racking, trucks, people – and help you develop a better plan for expanding your resources when the time is right. Successful Optimization doesn’t come from experience alone; the right combination of supply chain experience and capable tools yields an optimal result. BoxWorks has provided optimization and efficiency recommendations to its Fortune 500 clients using our unique combination of consulting talent, material handling experience and technology capabilities. We have built a suite of products including SlotWorks, DC Foresight, and Warehouse Insight to help analyze your existing operation and identify improvement opportunities. With proper use, each tool provides a manageable, repeatable means of one-time and ongoing analysis to keep your operation at peak efficiency. As products and seasons change, SlotWorks recommends an incremental path to optimized product slotting. SlotWorks takes into account product dimension, location configuration and order history as the basis for a slot plan. SlotWorks then adds product forecast and a unique set of user-created rules to create an optimum initial or incremental slot plan. You are in complete control of your slotting analysis with user-created rules and attributes, the ability to analyze zone-by-zone, high level slotting effectiveness trend reporting and BoxWorks’ ability to integrate our best-of-breed SlotWorks with your existing WMS.

As time passes, what was once an ideal facility layout and rack plan may no longer serve your needs well. DC Foresight provides the direction for moving from your current facility limitations to the layout your business needs. Whether it’s time for a facility expansion, consolidation of locations or optimization of an existing layout DC Foresight can provide answers rooted in facts and figures. What-if analysis and future forecasting will give you the tools to confidently move ahead with your facility design, rack modifications and process improvements. BoxWorks’ experience gets you the information and recommendations you need faster.